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Industrial Cross Limit Switch XLS-P54D-PP

Product Description1. Hook Block: Safety card as the standard configuration by special mold and adopt high-strenth special slippery rope to reduce the damage to wire rope and ligthen the self weight.
2. Wire rope: Imported from Italy, adopt high-strength wire rope with zinc surfacing-plating,high breaking force and good flexibility(2160/mm^2)
3.Body Structure: Adopt mould stamping or bending steel plate to reduce the use of welding parts and increase the service life and quality of the structure bearing part.
4. Motor: three-in-one imported from Germany. Three in one system integrated by pole-changing professional hoisting motor,brake with electromagnetic disk type and reducer with high rotating speed and hard tooth surface ensures silence and the best safety grade of the hoisting mechanism.
5. Running three in one: international brand three in one system ingratiated by frequency-conversion running professional motor, brake with electromagnetic disk type and reducer.
6. Worm adjusting limit swich: adopt customized imported four-level limiting stopper to achieve function of slow speed first and then brake of two dimension running to ensure safety an reliable operation.
Advantages of our Wire rope hoist1.Travelling motor: NORD from Germany
2. Lifting Motor : ABM from Germany or domestic made optional
3. Inverter: YASKWA
4. Contactor: Schneider
5. Terminal:Phoenix
6. Height limit switch: GG from Italy
7. Wire rope: M.P from Italy
8. Standard configuration: dual speed for lifting, travelling with inverter
9. Overload limiter included.
10. Working grade:M5

Model XLS-P54D-PP/NP
Case glass fiber reinforced,thermoplastic
Actuator Type Crossed Rods Lever
movement of operating head Rotary
type of operator Stainless steel
Fixing type Stay put crossed rods lever metal (square rod 6 mm, L = 200 mm)
type of approach Lateral approach 2 directions
number of poles 4
contact operation Slow-break, staggered
Contact Type & Operation: 2 x (2 NC)
Product Range: Limit Switches
Cable entry: cable clamp M20
Markings and homologations: CE
Conformity to Standards: EN 60947-5-1
Rated insulation voltage: 500 Vac
Utilisation category: AC 15
Rated operational voltage: 250 Vac
rated impulse withstand voltage 6 kV

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